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Who Let The Dogs Out

Dallas Cowboys running back, Ezekiel Elliott is being sued for over $1 million in damages because one of his dogs bit someone. Despite Elliott not being directly responsible for the attack, he is still being held accountable for his dog’s actions. A video surveillance tape showed a landscaper leaving the side yard gate open, and the dogs escaped the next morning leading to the attack.

This unfortunate situation is something all dog owners can learn from in order to keep their pup and others safe. It is helpful to know your dog’s tendencies and triggers as well as possible scenarios that could cause trouble for both you and Fido. Ensuring gates are securely closed, holes are blocked off, and fences are intact and at a safe height, are important variables to consider for people with yards.

Dogs can also escape from inside a home. It is important to also be cautions when opening a door or even locking doors that dogs can open themselves. This goes for cars as well. While it is always fun to bring dogs along on a car ride, caution needs to be exercised when opening and closing doors. Dogs are fast and can escape quickly. While not every loose dog will result in an attack, the greater risk is what could happen to Fido. Escaped dogs can get lost, stolen or hit by a vehicle. These are situations that no dog owner wants to experience.

Take some time to ensure your house and yard and dog-proof. This is especially important when activity occurs that could result in something being over looked. For

Elliott, his landscaper is the one who ultimately let the dogs out. The next time you let the dogs out, hopefully it will be to allow them to run and play in a safe space.

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