Meet  the Pack



Founder & CEO

Rope is the founder of Fido’s Fashions. Sadly his life was cut short after a brave and courageous fight with cancer. He was rescued from a kill shelter, and his appreciation for life was evident as he lived each day to the fullest. He was a natural leader with an infectious personality, and is deeply missed.  He loved learning new tricks, chasing squirrels and hiking in the mountains. His spirit continues to inspire as he is still very much a part of the team.



K9 Resources

Tessa is a great addition to our team.  She is a puppy mill mom survivor of eight years, and her main focus is making sure all customers are satisfied.  She does a top notch job ensuring the products are of the highest quality.  She is a wonderful resource if you have any questions about products or need help with sizing.  In her spare time she enjoys helping in the kitchen, going for walks where she can chase rabbits, and relaxing with a massage.




Jazzy worked hard for her promotion from Assistant Manger to Manger.  She is a puppy mill mom survivor of six years, and her primary focus now is to keep everything moving smoothly so that you receive your order on time. She does a fantastic job motivating the team, but can also bark out orders when needed.  In her spare time she enjoys playing games, going for long walks and taking naps in the warm sun.



Assistant Manager

Dream is the newest member to our team.  She is a puppy mill mom survivor of seven years, and understands the importance of team work.  She does a terrific job of leading by example, and is willing to jump in to help wherever she is needed.  She specializes is quality control to ensure every order meets her high standards. In her spare time she enjoys taking naps on plush couches, chasing furry critters and singing from the heart.




Leah is an avid animal lover, and has three rescued fur babies.  She has been an active volunteer at National Mill Dog Rescue since 2013 on the grooming team.  Working as a professional groomer, she always loved finishing off the spa treatment with picking out a bandana, bow or bowtie that would complete the desired look.  Having worked with all sizes, shapes, colors and breeds, she has designed products that are guaranteed to look great.  Now, all doggies across the country can keep their tails waggin’ with their own custom products. In her spare time she enjoys home improvement projects, volunteering at dog rescues and hiking with her pack. 




Carol has been an active volunteer at National Mill Dog Rescue since 2013 on the grooming team.  She has adopted a lot of dogs over the years, and currently she has one rescue pup.  She learned to sew at the young age of 13 where she fell in love with the concept of designing something distinctive.  She has continued her passion to help create products that can only be worn by those with four legs.  She enjoys searching for fabrics that are both high quality and eye catching.  Each order is personalized making it special and unique, and always made with love.  In her spare time she enjoys gardening, playing candy crush, and volunteering at dog rescues. 



Social Media Manager

Angel completes the team with her contagious enthusiasm.  She is a puppy mill mom survivor of six years, and now is able to extend her natural love for others to all customers.  Her main focus is managing the social media, and is always looking to meet new friends. She is excited to see how spiffy you look sporting your new fashions.  In her spare time she enjoys making new friends, sampling foods from around the world (Thai and Italian are her favorites) and she loves to dance.